As Western Australians go to the polls, let us remember those who dared to believe.

Written by Bruce Whiteside ..founder of the Movement that was seized to launch a tyrant in the making.


excerpt from the Courier-Mail  March 11th 2017


Ron McLean, 87, and his wife Marye Daniels, 79, say Hanson dumped them last month from their party positions. Picture: Colin Murty


Eighty-seven-year-old Ron McLean and his 79-year old wife, Marye Daniels, who have hired a high-profile lawyer, say Hanson dumped them last month from their party positions. McLean, who had been WA party president and a candidate for the Upper House, claimed Hanson had said he was too old and would be 91 at the end of the parliamentary term. One Nation counterclaimed that it was about disloyalty and McLean’s health.


Ron and Marye, Hanson fashions responses to 'feed the media'. She is a habitual fabricator of the facts. Her path has been littered with momentary relationships that have soured, but she will always paint the picture of her being in the right and all others wrong.

Years ago I spoke to a Howard Sattler on 6PR, describing the treatment that Hanson and a David Oldfield had dished out.  I spoke for some five or so minutes. When I had finished I was blown away when Howard then said "David (Oldfield) how do you even begin to respond to that ".  Calmly and deliberately he said "Howard, I want you and your listeners to know that Mr Whiteside is a very .........very, ....sick man".

Now when I challenged Pauline Hanson on what happened to the money that came to her from the Pauline Hanson's United Australia Party on her Facebook page, she immediately removed it after being alerted to its presence and immediately blocked me from ever writing there again.

Here was her reply, that was not removed.
Ron note the comment re health.

I am sorry to say Bruce you are confused. I know you started Pauline Hanson's support movement and left when I launched One Nation. You have never forgiven me for not doing it with you but the two Davids. You had your own agenda for me, and you have still tried to push it over the years, even to this day. You are confused because I left the party in Jan 2002 and I was imprisoned in 2003. I de-registered Pauline's United Australia Party years ago. It is time you got on with your life Bruce because you are not in the best of health in your latter years, and I will continue to fight on for what I believe. It's a shame but you could never handle the fact I was and still am my own person. Don't let hate cloud what I might be able to achieve. Kind Regards Pauline Hanson.


I have never calculated how much of my own money that I put into PHSM.  I was never a member of One Nation because it the idea of David Oldfield and created by David (Amway) Ettridge. Hanson was the gullible catalyst who sanctioned the takeover on the pillows.

What angers me is the very hollow feeling that Ron and Marye must feel after such long years of dedicated service, financial support (massive for a couple) and the fact that she was regarded as a friend.  The feeling born of respect and trust, ...trashed on the alter of political convenience.  ' The utter humiliation levelled publicly at two people my own age is a disgrace .


Hanson's treatment of Margaret Dodd says more about the dubious character of a woman who is blinded to everyone else's burden but her own  . I have lost a Mother and son to suicide ... that leaves a terrible emptiness, but to lose a young daugher to in such horrific circumstances and to see that Mother take a stand in a political foray and then have a fish and chip would be if she could be Prime Minister, tell her that she will dance to her tune because I am the fuehrer is indicative of a rough neck who is more at home among men and their VB's.  Hanson is an opportunist, who has used all and sundry to mount a sizeable war-chest off the back of the taxpayer funded Electoral Commissions.  As someone once said 'It is time'. It is time that Hanson was put under the public microscope and forensically examined.

This is well worth understanding. It is a brutal and accurate projection.

Video: Cassidy: Hanson's One Nation will be short-lived without democratic rule (ABC News)