Who is to blame for the WA debacle ...not me!


There can be no doubt that the result in the West Australian election was forged long before Pauline Hanson’s foray into a foreign territory.  Yet equally it can be argued that had she not added the sparkle of tangerine garb and red-hair the whole event might have been a big yawn.  At least those of us in the East know now roughly where Western Australia is in respect of this vast continent.  Why even the Prime Minister found his way there briefly and got lost.  The irony was that the  dress and hair colour of the ‘blow-in from Ipswich’, was lost in a tsunami of red.

In their post election addresses McGowan was gracious (winners always are), Barnett was devastated, vanquished and humiliated, whilst Hanson (Madame Bash, Lash and  Dash) was her usual gracious self.

It was (although the criteria for all politicians is to spin the truth) for her a brazen front that claimed a ‘success’, where none was evident.  From a high of what pollsters were saying was an incredible 13%, you cannot fabricate a 4.7% gain from a zero base, that collapsed largely in the week that she went on a ‘taxpayer funded ‘ scenic tour of the ‘sunburnt country’.  Hanson thrives on the euphoria of being a celebrity, it gives her an adrenalin boost that elevates her belief that she is infallible and has more in common with the man in the street, the man and woman of the land ...and knows more about the vaccination of children than those who are dedicated to saving them.

There is an underlying flaw in this woman that goes back to her teen years.  It is arrogance, built on the platform that she is implacably always right ... and the other side, be it parent, boyfriend, husband, husband, supporter, helper, candidate, or the media ...are always to blame for her failings.


A lot will be said about the impact that Hanson has caused in WA.  A lesson must be learnt and learnt quickly ...and that is Hanson must be marginalised.  As has been heard and seen her outlandish un-researched outbursts have the capacity to do immense harm.  It is this inbuilt arrogance that enables her to say what she likes with absolutely no thought of the longer term consequences that make her a dangerous voice.  In her own mind as I have pointed out in earlier comments on this site, she is the sole spokesperson for One Nation and is in effect the Shadow Minister for every portfolio. 

The mindset that,  I Pauline Hanson is the One Nation Party, that I am the voice, the brains, the final arbiter, is absolutely mid-boggling and for those of us old enough we see a shadow of a master tyrant and a master propagandist from our youth.  You cannot preach democracy with a sword in the hand.

Many good people in WA put their hands up to support Hanson. They spent their own meagre resources in some cases to have a say in the political arena.  Yes, they did use the popular profile of Hanson to do that, but she also needed not so much the individual, but the number of bodies to rack up 500 names to form a ‘breakaway’ new identity called Pauline Hanson Western Australia.  The existing ONWA, set up in 2006, she called ‘ratbags’ and ‘rogues’, was not to her comfort  because of a history of her betrayal to them at a time when she was dancing with celebrities and the ratbags and rogues fought to keep the flame of One Nation from snuffing out.  The axing of Ron McLean and Marye Daniels is indicative of the personal façade that Hanson exhibits to those who know her. The media image is a fabrication.  Again she has shown during this foray into WA that she cannot get along with anyone, who is not prepared to be a robot mouthpiece.  It took courage, but Margaret Dodd, painted the real Pauline Hanson to a tee.

So what of the oldest supporters of Pauline Hanson? 

I am one of them ....shattered dreams.

There was a time and there are still remnants of it there, when Pauline expressed in bolder terms what most of us secretly held in our hearts.  Whereas she spoke of these issues in strident terms, the silent majority whispered at barbeques, or on cheap blog sites of her ‘courage’.  Yet there was no-one more openly supportive than myself.  I paid a price for that public support.  It saw Hanson and Ettridge jailed, it saw a politician who went on to become a Prime Minister, try to destroy her ...and in the years that have gone since a gutless media who have treated me like a leper. “We don’t want to know”.

I fear the full story has disappeared down what some seasoned journalists call ‘the Memory Hole’. This is the place where uncomfortable stories go that might threaten the established order - and your story of the true origins of the One Nation Party is one that would unsettle a lot of ‘important people’.

from the office of Four Corners


We wanted him to be one of us . We wanted him as the elder statesman, the person with the vision.'"


Twenty years ago almost to the day the man who said this did so after I had the day before called him a conman.  At that point I walked out never to return. I have wondered many times over the years just how genuine that comment was. Perhaps I mellow with old age, but I suspect that in hindsight of recent times it was perhaps well meant.  I may never know.


So what of the future?   I am of the opinion that Hanson must be marginalised and that those of us who speak from the coalface ... not the likes of Oldfield or Ashby ...get together and make sure that Hanson does not cause the havoc that was visited on WA.  The LNP and Labor are not a welcome choice in Queensland, but at least they have a structure and a history, to gauge them by. A Pauline Hanson who respected those who lent a hand, who listened instead of dictating  and who did not play the blame game to every adversary once held the dreams on many of us in her hands.  In 1997 I wrote a book that can be downloaded from this site. I called it Destiny Aborted.  In spite of a second opportunity to launch her ideas I am still haunted by what Hanson told me in my own lounge in 1997. ‘Bruce if anyone is going to destroy One Nation ...I will”.

Friends she is on track. I wonder who she will blame THEN!

12/3/2017 ,