Test in West forces One Nation rethink on preferences

Sarah Vogler, Chris Honnery, The Courier-Mail

March 14, 2017 12:00am

ONE Nation is considering shunning preference deals ahead of the Queensland election as it attempts to avoid a repeat of its performance in the West Australian poll.

Queensland leader Steve Dickson said the preference deal between One Nation and the Liberal Party in WA was a mistake to be learned from, flagging the potential for a preference-free campaign in Queensland.

“The preference deal should never have happened but it did,” Mr Dickson said.

“You learn by those issues. The people want a party that’s just going to stick up for them. We will be going: ‘vote for One ­Nation’.

“We’re not going out there to do a preference deal with anybody.”

But Mr Dickson did not rule out a preference deal completely, with no formal discussions as yet under way.

One Nation national leader Pauline Hanson yesterday flagged the potential for any preference deals to be decided seat by seat.

“We’d definitely look at it (allocating preferences on a seat-by-seat basis),” Senator Hanson said.

“I’ll just have a talk with the others, with the executive about the strategy at the next election.”



Pauline Hanson blames Liberals for One Nation's WA defeat

Labor has ruled out any preference deal with One Nation but LNP leader Tim Nicholls has repeatedly said the Coalition Opposition would also decide who it will preference on a seat-by-seat basis.

One Nation failed to win a seat in the Lower House of the West Australian Parliament and was yesterday on track to win two Upper House seats, less than the party had hoped for.

The Courier-Mail has been told there is a push within Labor for Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to hold the next election in February, in the hopes One Nation will run out of steam in Queensland by that time.

Mr Dickson, however, said things would be different in the Sunshine State as Queensland was not just One Nation’s birthplace but also its heartland.

He said the party was also spending more time combing over its next crop of candidates after losing five over the past few months.

Mr Dickson said, in contrast, the WA branch had been registered for only about 50 days so had not had the same luxury.

“In Queensland, One Nation is recognised. It has been a party for some time,’’ he said.

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Bruce 12 minutes ago

Mr Dickson is being blinded by the fabrication of the truth because Hanson’s claim that the party was only registered for 50 days is an outright untruth. ONWA was registered in 2006 and is an Incorporated Assn. Hanson stormed into WA and because she had betrayed the established branch a couple of years back, called them ‘ratbags’ and ‘rogues’ and formed a new registration. She used a longstanding friendship of two 80 year olds, that were former executives of ONWA, to help vet all of the candidates that ran. Once she had used them up she removed Ron McLean from a Senate spot, threw them both out on the pretext that they were too old and also disloyal.Hanson spins the stories that sit her for media distribution .Volger and Honnery should be out investigating the hidden side of this woman’s flawed persona.

Hanson should be ignored entirely by the media because that are giving her the oxygen that is keeping the myth and fraud alive. Hanson is giving voice to what many of us think anyway and has made a fortune out taxpayer through the courtesy of the Electoral Commissioners. It is time the gloves came off.





Bruce 3 minutes ago

typo. the word sit, should read 'suits'.




Reg 13 minutes ago

Maybe a change in leadership and a new Party name is needed. How about Malcolm Roberts and MRON Party




citizen 14 minutes ago

The WA election was won by the hangers-ons who outnumber the revenue makers.  Just watch the state to disintegrate very soon. 




Neil 1 hour ago

"Mr Dickson said, in contrast, the WA branch had been registered for only about 50 days so had not had the same luxury."

Another reason why they are a hopeless party.  All states have fixed terms, with some leeway over when the election must be held (usually a case of months).  Yet this party could not organise itself to complete the registration and candidate selection until 50 days out from the election.  If it was doing a proper job this would have been all sorted back in mid 2016.  Jeez even I knew there was an election coming up in WA in 2017 back then!




rob1 1 hour ago

Well Pauline is going really well now she is claiming 3 seats and maybe 2 more and that the media is falsely covering the results so as to not show how well they have done.  and the ALP ran a scare campaign about her doing a preference deal with the Libs?? Anyone out there still thinking she is good value??




Elizabeth 1 hour ago

It wasn't the preferences Pauline. It was you and your naff party of anti vaxxers and conspiracy theorists. Not to mention the treacherous GST remarks.




JJ 1 hour ago

Blaming preference deals is a cop out. At the end of the day it's the voter who preferences. Not all voters follow a how to vote card.




Bill 1 hour ago

To lose one candidate could be seen as misfortune. To lose five, carelessness




Bruce 8 hours ago

Isn't it about time that the idea of One Nation being a party was put to bed. It is not. It was never in spite of all the Court cases, the Appeals a properly formed party. Yes it was registered, no it did not create its own membership base. The Appeal Court implied that the PHSM could be seen as a legal part of One Nation. It was NOT and never intended to be. Why, why is there a blind eye being turned to this 'swept under the carpet anomaly'? 

One Nation only serves as a platform for Pauline Hanson. It is not a party properly structured and as we have seen those candidates who do not mimic Hanson are rounded on. The members are only there to allow her to make up the numbers to run candidates.

The time to put One Nation and Hanson under a Commission of Inquiry is now.  Now Pauline have ago at me. 




One Nation exclusion of ABC an 'attack on role of media in a democracy'


The ABC has expressed concern about the exclusion of its journalists from a One Nation function on WA election night, saying it could be seen as an attack on both the broadcaster and the role of media in a democracy.

Journalists Nicolas Perpitch and Michael Edwards, from the national broadcaster, were refused entry to the event at Melville Bowling Club in Perth's south on Saturday night while party leader Senator Pauline Hanson addressed supporters.

ABC editorial director Alan Sunderland said in a statement that other media representatives attended on the night without any prior arrangements or permission being required.

"Those other media representatives, who included broadcasters, agencies and newspaper reporters from inside and outside Western Australia, were granted immediate access to the event," the statement said.

"The ABC was denied access, and was treated differently to all other media."

Mr Sunderland said he had been in contact with One Nation since Saturday night seeking an explanation.

He said One Nation has claimed all media were treated appropriately and obtained material from a pool shoot.

However, he said the ABC had been singled out and excluded.

"Throughout the Western Australian election campaign, the ABC has provided accurate, impartial and independent political coverage and all political parties have been the subject of appropriate scrutiny and questioning," Mr Sunderland said.

"If the ABC has been denied normal access to political events for simply doing its job, then that is an attack not just on the public broadcaster but on the fundamental role of the media in a democracy.

"We will continue, as we always have, to report without fear or favour."

Senator Hanson's media advisor, James Ashby, has been contacted for comment.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation is projected to take about 4.8 per cent of the vote in WA, far less than early polling which suggested it could be as high as 13 per cent.


The ABC laments the refusal of their reporters to the One Nation function after the results of the WA election was announced. The arrogance of Hanson's refusal was there for all to see.  It was her personal choice and to refuse entry  and to pretend that it was due to the lack of some formal protocol was  an absolute fabrication for the wider media consumption. Hanson hands out a lesson ...don't mess with ME!

Hanson may be accused of attacking democracy by this arm of the media, for preventing reporting, but the media have a bigger case to answer.  Hanson's success to a very large degree has been elevated by a voracious press who realise a fundamental truth, that news sells media. Hanson is controversial and growing more so with dangerous rhetoric. Some of it borders on sensational statements and this reported by every hungering arm of the national and sometimes International media guarantees reader and viewer attention. Look at the paywalls of the free media, grasping to every dollar of news that people want and must read.

The festering cancer of Hanson is being fed by this very process of giving her oxygen. They hang on her every word. They play with it, thus providing journalist with the keyboard warrior syndrome to feast on.  All are 'across' the subject matter and the public soak it up. What they write is gospel. 

The real cure to defeat the Hanson tsunami is for all media to completely ignore her.

We talk about parties ..LNP, Labor, Greens ...they might cause us all heartburn from time to time, but they are properly structured, with membership, organised procedures, accountability and are reasonably open and upfront. They have committees where policies are hammered out, formulated and put to the parliament.  Compare that to the sloppily called One Nation. It is a Pied Piper with red hair leading a loose group of individuals who have no idea of government, team work, organisation and their leaders strongest feature is that of demanding loyalty and showing disgraceful respect for those who after she has extracted what she can, dumps them on the pretext of age and health.   Hanson who once promised hope of a change for better politics has morphed into a tyrant who is treated as a demigod.

All of this is because the media are fanning the fire and ignoring the firemen.

Out in the community there are a handful of men who do not dabble in conspiracies or act from what One Nation calls 'disgruntled ex members'. I have been labelled that yet although founding the Pauline Hanson Support Movement, have never been with One Nation. Nor do we act from delayed malice or bias. Most, like the writer  bled for Hanson before she was despoiled.

....an who were the people who despoiled her and fashioned her mould.

David Oldfield to the writer: "You are never going to remain in the movement. You stand in the way of our agenda. We are going to destroy you'.  ..

These are the men who hound respected journalist with iconic names, day in and day out only to be fobbed off as irrelevant. These people view themselves as the great unwashed, who have no right to approach the master wordsmiths at their own game .  They see themselves as two year olds tugging at their Mother' dress trying to get her attention. They are ignored, and that creates the impression of the journalist's contempt and challenges the concept that 'boy, go back into your box, WE are the scribes that dictate democracy.

It is great irony to the writer that one of your own has the integrity to spell it out.  I have a family history of writers, editors and newspaper proprietors ...so I appreciate the integrity and the honesty of the journalist who penned these words.   They should be written in gold on marble and set above the entrance of every media outlet in Australia.


II fear the full story has disappeared down what some seasoned journalists call ‘the Memory Hole’. This is the place where uncomfortable stories go that might threaten the established order - and your story of the true origins of the One Nation Party is one that would unsettle a lot of ‘important people’.You have really exposed the dirty tricks that operate behind politics. Lazy journalists sadly are too satisfied just repeating the boring old line, rather than digging into the true tale.



Apathy, O apathy
Why do you cloud the minds of men
And hold them from their duty
Until when?
Awakened from your binding spell,
With eagerness they seek to clasp,
The fleeting opportunity,
That once was theirs to grasp!

William Richard Whiteside, Whakatane, 1946