Big questions need to be asked!


They were put in a interim State Secretary and interim State President of the party at the end of last year, but that was only purely for the registration process.”

On the surface that looks to be a fairly innocuous statement by the leader of One Nation Pauline Hanson, and most readers would take it at face value, but the more I read it the more concerned I am by it. The way it reads conveys the impression that these two elderly people were simply used for convenience. Was it that simple or was this a very cynical exercise.  Well I shall attempt to throw some light on what I know.

First of all ’they were put in’, is a sweeping comment that conveys what?  Who elected these two octogenarians at a moment’s notice?  Were they duly elected, even if in a interim capacity, by a committee or was it just Pauline Hanson making positions on the run?


In 2006 Ron McLean and Marye Daniels were founding members of One Nation Western Australia ONWA.  ONWA was a duly registered Incorporated Association. Ron and Mary were Executives, along with Brian McRea.  The confusion in Hanson’s statement must be clarified, for far from being interim President and Secretary, they were in fact long serving office-bearers in ONWA. The reference above does not relate to ONWA, but to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation PHON.  Confused? Well I am not so sure that the confusion was in fact ‘strategy’.

So you ask why ONWA and PHON?  Please Explain!. 

In 2003 after Hanson was thrown out One Nation or she resigned depending who you believe. Hough claims she was left with no option but to resign and Hanson said she did it of her own accord.  Either way she had severed ties with One Nation.  Then in a period of some of ten years she had a stint in the limelight with Dancing with the Stars and then decided to run for the Senate in Queensland with a party that she called Pauline’s United Australia Party. I was a paid up member along with my wife.  The party polled reasonably well collecting some 110,400 votes and 4.2 % of first preferences. This would have been a good boost to the fledgling party, but immediately Hanson and a close friend approached the Secretary and Treasurer to sign the ECQ payment in excess of $210,000, over to her. The PUAP, Secretary and Treasurer argued that they could not do that until it had been put to the party members at a formal meeting.  They played by the book.  Hanson came back a second time ...and the result was the same.  The next step was to call a meeting of the party.  Before that could happen $200,000 was removed to another account.  Hanson then without any consultation with the PUAP, wound  it up. She did so she said at the time that she was going to live in England. It is my understanding that there was an investigation by a certain authority that was aborted. I have no knowledge of this, but the source is impeccable.


In the meantime One Nation was taken over by two men who slowly took over control of One Nation, that had executives in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria, the latter being the strongest. There was considerable angst among the State branches and in the end their independent websites were removed and control fell into a small office in Beenleigh.  The names of both men are known to me.  One Nation for all intents and purpose was dead on the vine.  However there was one branch that was subsequently disowned and that was ONWA.  The reason why Beenleigh was unable to take control was that they could not be touched because they were an Incorporated Assn.  In 2013,  I contacted ONWA.  I found that a Brian McRea had been a stalwart of Pauline Hanson as long as I had since 1996. Gradually over time the fate of One Nation was discussed and it was decided that Pauline would be approached with ideas of bringing One Nation back to life and using ONWA as the catalyst.  Hanson warmed to the idea and tentative arrangements were made for her to come to WA to discuss the rebirth, bearing in mind that McRea and Lyn Vickery along with their active committee had worked hard to keep the flame from petering out.

Nothing came of it until I became aware in Queensland that one of the Beenleigh duo had corralled Hanson to reregister One Nation with her name. I opposed this re-registration and was roundly abused, not by Hanson, but the Beenleigh operative. I have the ECQ letter to prove it.  The next move was to establish an office at 2/38 Hudson Rd Albion, where the move was made to get Pauline into the Senate.  Then along came a pilot, with a fully decal-ed plane, with it came wide exposure,  and for us old-timers a re-run of yester year.

Now on a roll Pauline had managed to pick up three Senators and credit for that must go the former Beenleigh operative.  But noses were quickly put out. The man who had carried One Nation thus far was unceremoniously dumped for a very close family member who picked up the treasurers folio for the now well cushioned One Nation.

Enter,  Senator Rod Culleton. Capable enough and tough, but in committing a demeanor, was thrown to the wolves.  We have to accept that Pauline gave him her blessing ...but when there was a need for loyalty to be exhibited Hanson left him out to dry.  She took no blame for his appointment and questions were raised about the One Nation vetting procedures.

Pauline has told us that Ron McLean and Marye Daniels had been long time friends and stayed with them many times.   After the questions about One Nation’s vetting became talking point Hanson called on the people she trusted most in WA, the elderly couple who had been former Executives of ONWA.  From what I gather they had been members until late in 2016.  It was no coincidence that when Hanson flew into Perth that she made a point of slamming ONWA and calling Lyn Vickery and Brian McRea, ‘ratbags’ and ‘rogues’. Decent men do not deserve that public condemnation, that bordered on defamation by association. She went further and claimed she was going to report them to the police.


When Hanson went to WA, time was of the essence before the election. She had said that she had tried for years to close down ONWA, yet it was her friends of long standing who were responsible for it and until Dec still members  ONWA had always been sticklers for legal integrity and accountability, something that had not come out of Queensland. For this reason they had collided with the Beenleigh duo, that soured the One Nation ‘family’. Hanson, was far from oblivious to this.  It was not helped when she then turned her back on their offer to re birth One Nation after tentatively agreeing, back in 2014/5.

What has created  this revelation is that in Hanson admitting that the elderly couple were virtually stand-ins to accomplish the ‘registration process, and a late evening raid on two elderly couple who were informed that their services of long-standing were immediately terminated and the demand made to hand over One Nation files.  Why this urgency? What files were they? We are now talking about two One Nation entities. 



As I said I am deeply concerned. Were these trusting, deeply devoted couple used to obtain membership, possibly files that they would have been with ONWA?  If Hanson was to succeed to meet the criteria of at least 500 names, within a very short deadline to meet in order to create a One Nation, that distinguished  her against the existing ONWA, who already had a membership, then she had to make the distinction. So where did the membership come from?

Before One Nation was born in Queensland 1997, the parameters to that, that confronted Hanson In WA, were almost identical to what happened to me.  The membership of the Pauline Hanson Support Movement was seized, presented to the Electoral Commissioner. Denials have been made by Ettridge and Hanson. They were goaled for fraud. I was excised from both Court trials and although Hanson was released on appea,l do not be deluded.  The Appeal finding was that the case lawyers were not up to the job and that the prosecution had built its case on the registration being that of the PHSM. It was surmised that there was a possibility that there were legitimate members and PHSM members, but the court decided that it was dangerous precedent to proceed with the incarceration.  To do so could call into question the men of the bench.  If Hanson had been exoneration on a fraud, then the court did not order the repatriation of the money that Hanson was forced to hand back to the Commission. I might add that came about through One Nation supporters digging deep to enable her to pay it back. Her lament at the time was that she would lose her home, worked.

Were McLean and Daniels exploited and used? Were they innocently entrapped by virtue of a long and trusting relationship born of nearly two decades to a woman they almost embraced as family? 

In twenty years I have seen too much of the merciless Pauline Hanson to remain quiet.  My deepest sympathy goes out to these two people to whom I share their age group.  Far too many have bled for  Hanson and she claims all the credit. I have said  that Pauline is the sparrow that in the fable rode on the eagles back and claimed success. Her caravan rolls on, but in the meantime the trail of destruction that she leaves in her wake is of no concern to her.

They just wanted to ride on my immense popularity, ..they were the architects of their own folly  ..they followed me and that was their biggest mistake.


 Just take a look at these documents

This application was made and paid for by the PHSM. Pauline Hanso had it stopped until the founder the movement was removed by her, Ettridge and Oldfield. When that was done she allowed it to become OFFICIALLY Incorporated. Note the date stamp of the Consumer Affairs on both documents.


Hanson had interfered with a movement that had nothing to do with her. Here is further proof of how this illegal mob have operated with impunity and the blessing of the authorities.


Trewartha and Ettridge worked behind the founders and sole convenor's back to seize the movement. Document were seized from his home and destroyed to remove evidence.  As can be seen in the affidavit below Paul Trewartha lied to the Court, presenting himself as the man who had his finger on every aspect of its creation. He did not come aboard until the night before the official launch of the PHSM on 28 October 1996.  As the man who had solely created,  canvassed and logged the 539 names that were sent to Ettridge in Manly at the order of Paul Trewartha the PHSM Chairman, the question of why he was refused access as the materail witness has never been explained.  The Court was denied the crucial information that only the founder could give. It was denied that opportunity. The Court of Appeal admonished the sloppy conduct but in doing so neglected its own responsibility to examine why.

What has happened in the West is the behaviour of a lawless group of people masquerading as a political party. 

I call again for  Court of Inquiry  ...nobody is listening, only lamenting the chaos that Hanson leaves in her tracks.

Dear Mr. Whiteside,
To read you email was interesting but bewildering! I was aware that you were there at the very early stages of the formation of One Nation. All that you have written about is way in the past and although you probably worked hard, there always comes a time when these particular things grow.
The party One Nation is currently going through a resurgence that we are all relieved and very encouraged by and we are working to return our parliamentarians back onto the floors of our parliaments to do exactly what many folks like you would rejoice in, I would have thought!
To actually call the ECQ, as you have said, to object to our re-registration is in my mind incomprehensible and I am not happy. It is ex-members like you that have nothing but malice towards this group of hard working, law abiding, patriotic loyal people here in One Nation is truly upsetting and once again bewildering!
I was totally devasted when Pauline was sent to prison, but I kept working for the cause as most of us have. To here bitter people like yourself whining because you no longer were the "bossman" and bringing back the past is not conducive to us all in working with this vibrant proffessional party.
Sir, we thank you for your email / letter, but if you care an "eon" for our future here in Australia you would embrace our struggle!

Ian j Nelson  MBA hons. IAME. TESOL    State Director / Treasurer / National Party Agent  

PS. This email just received.


One thing which I think needs mentioning is that Marye claimed in a newspaper article recently that she has been secretary since 2008?

That is about the time she vacated the secretary position of ONWA.

I resigned from ONWA in 2007 as I was unhappy as to how the party was becoming influenced by the “national committee” and I re-joined in 2010 at the request of members and was telephoned by Marye Daniels to make that request.

I have been Secretary /Director since that time.

Kind Regards,