Owed to Paul Trewartha

It is obvious that the relationship that saw Paul Trewartha effectively knife his Chairman in the back resulted in the Pauline Hanson Support Movement handing control over to David Ettridge and One Nation Ltd.  The result of this ultimately saw Ettridge and Hanson jailed.  It also saw the deposed founder and convenor (there were no others), walk away disgusted that Committee had succumbed to the charms of a smooth operator David Ettridge. Whiteside’s last words were directed at Ettridge in front of his whole committee:

“David, you are nothing but a bloody conman, now bugger off back to Sydney and forget all about us.”



Chapter 8...ettridge's mate trewartha


That was a long time ago.  I bumped into Paul one day in Bunnings at Burleigh West some years later.  Paul is basically a sound, honest broker. We spoke briefly and he admitted that he was wrong. Since that day we have mended that wrong and are good friends and often return visits.

Recently in my mountains of material I came across this badly copied resignation.  It says a lot about the manner of man that Paul is and it is a damning indictment on the person who lives only for the glorification of Pauline Hanson. 

The cancer of the Hanson/Ettridge/Oldfield era despoiled many a relationship, ...for many years it did between Paul and myself. 


Due to the poor copy the text is as follows:


Mrs Pauline Hanson

President Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Members Inc.

P. O. Box 428 Ipswich

Queensland 4305

Dear Pauline’


It is with deep regret that I bring myself to take the action that I am now taking with the continued disregard that you and your fellow directors of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Ltd display to myself and those around me who have worked tirelessly for the past two years  in an extremely dedicated fashion.

But of more particular prime importance is the ongoing incompatibility of the Association of PHON’S Member Inc.  with the autocratic  management of the Associations affairs  inconsistent with the legislative requirements of the Association Incorporations Act 1981 (as amended) which is continuing  to preclude myself as an individual  for executing the duties required under the Act. 

Consequently, I hereby tender my resignation as National Secretary and National Vice-President of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Members Inc.  effective from today 25th August 1998 at 4.00pm.

Your instruction for the delivering up of the Association records are awaited. 


Yours sincerely,


Paul Trewartha