Shafting ...this is how it is done,  One Nation style ...bugger the protocols of legitimacy!


In the recent One Nation elections in Western Australia, several candidates were disendorsed because they were not prepared to preference Colin Barnett’s Liberals, after they had been assured that the preference  they allocated was entirely up to them.  However in typical Hanson/Ashby fashion a deal was done and became known to candidates  through the public media. Candidates were left in limbo, re directed and then disendorsed because they refused to dance to the Hanson/Ashby rhumba.

One Nation candidates had said they have been told not to speak to the ABC.

If candidates think this is a recent penchant of Hansons to silence what people are saying about her or on her behalf, then think again.  

In November 1996, when hundreds of people were becoming members of the newly formed Pauline Hanson Movement, there was no One Nation in existence and it was obvious to me that support was coming from across the political spectrum. The support movement had only one fundamental aim counter the media bias and to respond to the negative attacks on a person who was saying what most of us upheld. In time there would be spokespeople from the movement who would speak in defence of her.  It had nothing to do with cutting across her political agenda. The Labor Party had the support of the unions, the LNP had big business and Hanson was  alone.  The support movement stepped into the breach, but it was never politically attached, affiliated or remotely connected. 

It is fair to say that about that time the media sought information and one of those was Greg Roberts of the Sydney Morning Herald.  He rang me and wanted to know the story about a Young Liberal President from Wakehurst who had sought joining the PHSM.  Roberts was surprised when he asked about this defection and I responded by saying “Greg, it does not surprise me, because they are coming from across the board, one a National executive from North Queensland and Labor  one from Kingaroy’.  The following day Roberts wrote the story and the Young Liberal was a day later ‘heavied’ by Bronwyn Bishop and the then relatively unknown Tony Nutt, State President and later on after Graeme Morris’s demise, John Howard’s  Private Secretary .  The Young Liberal was read the riot act and later Abbott denied that he had heard of him.   The story took on a life of its own that rattled the cage of John Pasquerelli, who in turn drafted the letter that Hanson was to deliver to me personally. She never turned up, but John delivered it to me personally.

Here it is:

The letter makes mention of a mobile phone number that she insinuates that she gave me. I was never given it, never asked for it and never at any time did I ever speak to her on any phone. 

At the time and just before Christmas John Pasquarelli was in her sites as a result of her clandestine and very personal relationship with an unknown character.  That became very public when she had the police remove John from his office in parliament at a moments notice.  Then on a few days before Christmas Hanson came down to a meeting of the PHSM at John Clodd’s premises Surfprint in Broadbeach  and met the Committee.  It was here that she asked the Committee to reign Bruce in.  In fact the PHSM was unconsciously taking oxygen away from Hanson. This was where she asked the Committee to see to it that I was gagged from speaking to the media.

You see Pauline was setting off to the United States to speak with a Lyndon La Rouche and whilst she was away she did not want me speaking.  The nice committee who swooned over her like would be suitors undertook to carry out her wishes.  They need not have bothered for I made that undertaking myself.  What we did not know was that she was playing for time at the behest of a cunning ‘brilliant and  dynamic, young Liberal, a staffer in Tony Abbott’s office.

When Hanson arrived back in early February a ‘foil advisor’ was appointed to mask the existence of the brilliant and dynamic Abbott staffer from Abbott himself. The foil was David Thomas.  It was shortly after that that Oldfield engaged his diving mate David Ettridge to move on the Movement that guaranteed ready made membership and finances to launch their new party One Nation.

The fact that Hanson and her henchmen moved to shaft the support movement did so because its founder did not wilt to the demands of the new autocracy  but was hamstrung when weaker individuals were sucked in to the dangerous vortex that was to become One Nation.

The mode of operation has not changed from its inception.  Hanson uses, sucks the finances and goodwill of her supporters and throws them out.  The lady is a tyrant ably supported by a acquiescing Electoral Commission and the lack of guts within the media to hear the cries of those who have been trampled.

These are the last four recorded meetings of the PHSM, that show how the execution of Bruce Whiteside was carried out to the satisfaction of Hanson and Ettridge.  Note reference to the delay of Incorporation by four months to accommodate Hanson.



Note: The apologies occurred because Trewartha who arranged the meeting clandestinely never notified those who were opposed to the intervention of Ettridge.  I knew nothing of the meeting. As you will see the matters were immediately deferred and Iris was removed when she realised that a trap had been sprung.