It is all about me ...forget the rest for I make news. I am the living incendiary.


 At the authors desk December 1996.

She has made a damned good living out of making outrageous statements that inflame public opinion.  Pauline Hanson  became  an icon in the making way back in 1995 when she targeted the Aborigine benevolent funding through the then Cabinet Minister Robert Tickner.  Such was the commotion at the time that the Liberals tried to bring her to her senses and read the riot act that brought out the same headstrong characteristics as when she left home not telling her parents and fled to her older man, to tell him that at 16 she was pregnant.  She told the Liberals to go to hell and that is when John Howard sent her packing.

 The recent terrorist attack in Westminster was yet another opportunity for Hanson to capitalise.  The ’pray for stunt’ another example of the delusional mindset that  Hanson has of centring  all attention on current events to her.  This preoccupation with ‘hogging the limelight’ is a characteristic that grows more dangerous as the days go by. 

I remember a few years ago when the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, pulled John Howard into line for not 'laying a glove on her'. (The reason for that remains cloaked and buried.) 

Since those days of 1995 Pauline has sought to seek every avenue that has projected her into the public conscience.  You name it, controversy, fraud, gaol, sentiment seeking, release, new party, leaving Australia, Dancing with the Stars, then interspersed with regular donations from the various Electoral Commissions.  Then a re-birth initiated by the stalwarts of Western Australia, snatched by the remnants of the One Nation coffin-makers in Beenleigh ...reregistered again when the AEC  refused to accept legitimate opposition to create once again the Pauline Hanson One Nation, ...a big hand to finance an office in Albion for twelve months,  the appearance of a small plane with a 'galante' pilot, with the charismatic Hanson smiling on her Fed Up tour.  Always it is  about Hanson.   

After the now duded  helpers who saw her to four Senators, were turfed out and supplanted by friends and family, the voice of assertion has been allowed to cut loose on the Australian public.   Not satisfied with creating havoc in the West, she has now exploited the misery of cut down citizens to push once again her profile.

The language is growing more and more outrageous.  When will she make one that involves Australia in a serious international affair?

Hanson has been possessed with dragging the public spotlight on to her.  Hanson speaks, I command you listen.

So is it not time for that attention to be reversed?  Is it not time for a Commission of Inquiry, to look behind the facade that is Pauline Hanson and paper thin backdrop that masquerades as a legitimate political party.  The time has long passed for these sort of concerns to be brushed off as those of conspiracies or the mantra of 'disgruntled ex members or candidates'.  This cry is building and the concern has been there for years. Who is going to speak out with the voice of a Hanson and dig for the truth?   The material is out there, the will to harness it and blow this charade out of the water must be found. 

A Shot Across Her Bow

No sooner had I posted this than she was at it again.

So Islam is a disease now that needs to be cured with vaccination.   

Is this woman out of control ? 

What is going to be the upshot of this 'Moslem baiting' if one within the community decides that instead of her targeting them,  a lone individual decides enough is enough?  

Don’t forget that some years back the powers that be egged Hanson on and had the same lady make a video of her telling the television audience that if they were viewing  it that she had been assassinated. 

Hanson’s outrageous outbursts could well plunge this country into a situation that could spread far wider with serious ramifications. 

There was a time when Hanson earned a degree of respect, for speaking out on issues that worried many, but she is now being swept along by something more serious than patriotic fervour.

Unless attempts are made to rein her in, then we may well wish that procrastination did not hold sway.