Who is feeding Hanson?

She is now in dangerous waters and right out of her depths.



At a military memorial Pauline Hanson has labelled Islam a disease



Let that sink in. One of Australia’s most media reported politicians wants to ban Muslims. It appears Hanson wants to not only stop entry for Muslims, but presumably to deal in some unnamed way with Muslims currently living here — all 500,000 of them.



Whilst I do not agree with much of what John Passant writes in the above link, his knowledge of history in respect of Joseph Goebbels ' and the path that Hanson treads gives food for serious thought. I recommend that you take the time to read it.

So who is feeding this stuff to Hanson.  Is there a history, because these issues are beyond the the simple intellect of Pauline Hanson.  I have no doubt that Oldfield and Ashby have both left their ideological footprints in her mindset.

This was Pauline Hanson before Oldfield, Ettridge and Ashby came on the scene.