There are two One Nation Party's in Western Australia. 

They breed them with integrity in the West, with loyalty and principle.  The picture above is of two long serving stalwarts of One Nation West Australia  (ONWA) Patricia and Ulrich.  The inscription reads ;  ONE NATION WESTERN AUSTRALIA  over 20 years of outstanding service.



What a contrast when you see recognition such as this being awarded for loyal and faithful service, compared to the blow in from Ipswich who rewards such service with an  'unadulterated kick in the guts

I know of no person who has ever received so much loyalty, integrity and support who has responded with such insatiable meanness that Hanson exhibits. Unlike  ONWA, they give ...whereas Pauline Hanson's One Nation, the phoney convenient outfit that served only to get a platform to run candidates ...take, take and take!

You see Pauline there were hundreds of people like Patricia and Ulrich ...and you have treated them all with the contempt.  Look at your life has been one long history of not being able to get along with anybody.  What could have been,  will end up with your Destiny,  Aborted .  Perhaps there is such a thing as Karma.