It does not rank up there with the ABC, The Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald or the West Australian , but Pickering Post readers and particularly its welded on sycophants who hang on his every word believe that he is by far the best journalist that is currently around.

It is a myth that he allows the freedom of speech to prevail on his Pickering Post, because those who contest the gutter morality that permeates its pages are very quickly banished. Like a sewer drain all human effluent is channelled through the Pickering Post, because they know that the sleaze will NOT be removed.

Pickering has made it known that he has no time for Moslems, or Kiwis.

Yet every now and again a pertinent comment will be made, that  had I made it would have brought the sludge element to surface and attack with the blessing of the Editor. 

Below is a comment that came off an article posted by a man who has adopted the Hanson flag bearers role since the demise of  Bruce Rugby. This was the link :


Here is one of the few comments that does not use the frequency of the 'genitalia vocabulary' that sets Pickering Post apart '


Ruffian Dick Wed 1 Mar 2017 07:48:15 pm  (more erudite than most)

The truth is: John Howard unleashed (remember the slush fund) Tony Abbott onto Pauline and the result was that she was JAILED for 3 years, Tony Abbott nowadays I suspect has nightmares every night at what he did. Howard then used her policies, and the Nationals snickered. I never voted for either of them again. REMEMBER Howard had his opposition jailed and Tony was complicit. Politics is a dirty game but we plebs out here have long memories. Roll on Pauline....


Ruffian Dick, you fly close enough to the flame of truth to get singed.  The slush fund was created long before Abbott 'decked Hanson'. The money was raised because an elite few within the highest echelon of the Liberal Party, sought to create a Senate team around the popular appeal of Pauline Hanson. It was all in place until Abbott's staffer decided that it would be he and not Hanson who was going to lead the team.  In my opinion Abbott was blackmailed. Neither he nor the elite few wanted the plan leaked ...with the result that Hanson was made the sacrificial lamb. 

Since that day Abbott and Howard have painted the picture of denouncing Hanson.  It is a ruse to cover up the plan that they sought to implement back in late 1996.

So how is it that I can speak with some knowledge of events?   Because I was part of the  event. 

Had the story emerged, it would have condemned the covert plan of the Liberals. It would have sent Howard packing.  What Hanson for all her lambasting of Howard and Abbott for her demise does not realise is that had it not been for her much denied relationship with Abbott's staffer, the course of history and Hanson's role would have seen her as a respected long time Senator.

One day the truth will emerge, but in the meantime the Pickering Posters can laud and love their new cult figure Kirralee Smith.