Extract from Pickering Post  today Sat 4 March


This has all the earmarks of the advice that saw a previous 'advisor' coax Pauline Hanson into making the infamous Death Video.

As Australian Eagle points out below ...it is Deja vue all over again.  

Micky C, and Disraeli, you both have to realise that Pauline only takes advice from those who she 'loves'.  She has had an abundance of good people who cared for her future but she has pathologically destroyed everyone.   ...and yes this little foray will see her seriously hurt. 


Ducktracy Sat 4 Mar 2017 09:27:11 am

Pauline Hanson on insiders tomorrow


Micky C Sat 4 Mar 2017 09:39:07 am

It's a set-up Pauline.
Don't do it. The socialist green commo enemy just want to slice and dice her.
The audience is only about 2%, so this really is just about getting a grab to be played on every hate media for the following 2-3 days.


Disraeli Sat 4 Mar 2017 09:42:30 am

Nailed it Micky. Silly move by Pauline. She might do ok but the only point in having her on is to desperately try to trip her up. No potential gain for One Nation but plenty of potential downside. Conservatives should boycott the ABC fake news outfit.


Australian Eagle Sat  Mar 2017 08:15:52 am

Same happened last time so now only a matter of time before it sinks again.

 Post Script


The Blue Rosette that signifies a 'secure' Pickering Posters right to post is a 'sham'.  This writer paid, foolishly as it transpires the sum of $240, to only be banned no fewer that five times.  Criminal trolls on Pickering Post are given 'right of passage', to publish, smut, slander, defamation with absolute immunity.  

One Nation candidate Ray Gould quits Kalamunda a week out from election

By Claire Moodie

Updated yesterday at 8:52pm

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Map: Kalamunda 6076

There are further signs of disunity in Pauline Hanson's One Nation party, with one of its candidates in a key Liberal-held seat quitting the election campaign in Western Australia a week out from the poll.

Candidate for Kalamunda, Ray Gould, told the ABC he was "giving it away" because the party had been dishonest with its candidates over its preference deal with the Liberals.

"I've had enough," Mr Gould said.

"It's a lot of work when you haven't got the support of your party.

"Nothing has been upfront, we haven't been told the truth from day one.

"I'm talking to voters and they say, 'We like Pauline Hanson but she's done a deal with the Liberals and she can't be trusted'.

"I don't think I'll even get 4 per cent of the vote because she's messing with the voters' heads."

Kalamunda is held by Government minister John Day by a margin of 10.3 per cent, but with polls predicting a big swing away from the Liberals, he too could be in trouble next Saturday.

Mr Gould's departure came less than a week after two other One Nation candidates were disendorsed.

The party said North West Central candidate, Dane Sorensen and Thornlie candidate Sandy Baraiolo were disendorsed for failing to reach required standards.

One Nation was contacted for comment about Mr Gould's decision to quit.


Preferences 'shambolic'

Mr Sorensen had previously spoken out about the preference deal, telling the ABC's 7.30 program that it was shambolic.



Mr Gould said he was also unhappy with the party's treatment of WA's former One Nation powerbrokers Ron McLean and Marye Louise Daniels.

The couple were sacked recently after being put in charge of screening and shortlisting candidates for the state election.

Their association with Senator Hanson goes back 20 years.

Mr Gould said the couple had been "disgracefully treated".

They threw them away like a dirty rag," Mr Gould said.

"I thought Pauline had more heart, I thought she was a shining light but not any more."

The 70-year-old former bricklayer from Bullsbrook said he had spent $3,000 of his own money on the campaign.

People won't know the difference: Analyst

Political analyst Peter Kennedy said while Mr Gould had stopped campaigning, his name was still on the ballot paper.

"As far as most people fronting up to the poll are concerned in Darling Range they won't really know any difference," Mr Kennedy said.

"He could get the best of both worlds, he could get the One Nation supporters because they believe he is the One Nation candidate as shown on the ballot paper.

"He might also get votes from people who (think) that maybe he's a true independent ... and they'll give him number one preference anyway."

Mr Kennedy said in the "very unlikely event that he did win the seat" he would go into Parliament as an independent member.

"If he really wants to quit, then he would just tender his resignation ... then it would mean a very early by-election in the seat."


Special Comment




Congratulations Ray Gould  former candidate for Kalamunda in Western Australia. 

It has taken twenty years for someone to have the guts to tell it as it is.Nothing has been upfront, we haven't been told the truth from day one." One Nation has set out to deceive its supporters not of recent times as Ray intimates here, but from its inception prior  September 1996. The litany of lies, of deceit of treachery abounds under the banner of Pauline Hanson and we have to have witnessed recently the savaging of two West Australians  octogenarians, who were founding members of the genuine One Nation Western Australia . Of them this is what Ray Gould had to say:

Mr Gould said he was also unhappy with the party's treatment of WA's former One Nation powerbrokers Ron McLean and Marye Louise Daniels.

And why wouldn't he be. These people were befriended by Pauline Hanson when they were founding members of ONWA, as president and treasurer. Yet when Hanson betrayed the long serving Brian McRea, Secretary and until recently Lyn Vickery, president,   couple of years ago when they had kept the flame of One Nation from dying completely, she stormed over here calling them 'ratbags' and 'rogues'. At the same time she hurriedly called on the two octogenarians to hold the fort  and vet the new comers. Did she also call on them because they had access to the ONWA membership?  Time was the essence to get 500 members to join her in order to run candidates in Western Australia.  So she rushed in and conned the AEC in WA?

She used a similar method in 1997, when she was used people to seize the Pauline Hanson Support Movement, to use its membership for registering the 'newly conceived One Nation' and then took control and used its finances to launch the party on April 11th 1997.

Let me not mince words here.  The media in all its forms are culpable of giving Hanson the means to wreak havoc as she has done and is continuing to do so.

Who were the people who made the news?  First of all it was a Terry Sharples ..the ignorant say ...who?  Then there was Tony Abbott  ...who the media painted at the 'destroyer of Hanson'.  Then all of this morphed into a civil, then Criminal Court case to nail the fraudsters.  Great stuff ...music to the hollow headed media moguls. Isn't this what sells papers and eventually books.  The crying from the cells, the pathos of an 'innocent'  woman'.  Then the Appeal, that saw the man who first of all allowed the ECQ to pass payment, then when she was confronted with having to pay it back, cried that she would loose her house and the faithful followers bailed her out. The appeal was upheld because in the flawed opinion of the judges, the cases presented and sanctioned as correct by a jury, was over-ridden, because these 'learned bastards' saw it as too risky, to uphold.  What judges did not encompass was why the man who created the PHSM membership in the first place, who supplied Terry Sharples with the material, that was passed on to Abbott's lawyers, that allowed selected witnesses to perjure themselves with immunity. The man who created the PHSM, who had all of the information and records, that had not been uplifted from his office by office-bearers of PHON Supporters on demand from Manly, was excised from all attempts to appear. Not only did he furnish identical folios to the prosecution and defence, but he was left high and dry by the investigating police Newton and Floyd. The whole trial was stage managed politics. It stank then and will come home to roost  ...but not until I am no longer able to speak.  

For twenty years I sought out journalists to take up the true story of Hanson and 'her' One Nation. They make promises, they tell you that they will get in touch, but they push you aside. The radio is no better, their lot is for their interviewers to make fun and denigrate as Curro did with Hanson. The television mob have rung me on a number of occasions, for snap shot comments, for a program segment and as with SBS a program. They then go to the 'iconic celebrities', to enable them to promo the  coming 'story'. We are to them the great unwashed ...even though they are talking and brushing aside the people who have been at the coalface, and seen the corruption. The media are the real tools that shape a nation.

For many years I have tried to encourage a Four Corners researcher and man of integrity to pick up the story. I received two emails from him of recent times. This should be mounted in gold on a marble slab over the entrance of every media establishment in the country.  


 I fear the full story has disappeared down what some seasoned journalists call ‘the Memory Hole’. This is the place where uncomfortable stories go that might threaten the established order - and your story of the true origins of the One Nation Party is one that would unsettle a lot of ‘important people’.


As Ray Gould says:

Nothing has been upfront, we haven't been told the truth from day one.