Lefties cause social ills: Hanson

Taylar Amonini and Tom Zaunmayr

Wednesday, 8 March 2017 3:00AM

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson. Picture: Taylar Amonini/North West Telegraph

Pauline Hanson has blamed social issues in the Pilbara on the education system and taken aim at “bloody lefties” filling children’s heads with rubbish and “taking away parents’ rights to discipline their kids”.

Senator Hanson flew into the Pilbara yesterday to hold informal community conversations with Port Hedland residents where she identified social issues as the being the direct result of the current educational system.

“Everyone in our society has social issues,” she said. “I don’t care whether you’re black, white, rainbow or whatever colour.

“Everyone is having so many issues these days with depression, with self-respect, with everything that’s happening and it’s not being addressed right across the board properly.

“I think it all starts in our educational system. I think they’ve taken away a parent’s right to discipline their kids. The education, what they’re being taught and these bloody lefties out there filling their heads with rubbish. And that’s why the problems here exist.

Pauline Hanson talking with locals at the Point Samson Tavern. Picture: Tom Zaunmayr/Pilbara News


Not all about pointing out the problems, Ms Hanson called to change the system to fix the social issues happening across the State.

“This is not the country I grew up in. I think there's a big problem there but if we get the right people there to turn it around, I think we can make a difference.

”It’s about getting someone who’s there to fight for you and what you want.”

After a forum in South Hedland, Senator Hanson visited Point Samson to support One Nation Pilbara candidate David Archibald.

Mr Archibald wants to cut the Environmental Protection Authority budget to $40 million a year, describing the agency as “idiotic”.

“There’s a quarter of a billion dollars spent on torturing people in the bush — miners, farmers and pastoralists alike — with idiotic regulations,” Mr Archibald said.

“We probably only need $20-40 million for that and we can put the rest into roadworks.”

Mr Archibald said the Karratha to Tom Price Road and Newman to Marble Bar Road could be sealed quickly under the proposal.

Senator Hanson said she had taken Mr Archibald’s recommendation on board.

“David knows the area, he knows it far better than I do,” she said.

“He is going to hopefully be the member for here and if he makes a commitment he follows it through.”

One Nation's Pilbara candidate David Archibald with Pauline Hanson. Picture: Taylar Amonini/North West Telegraph

During the community consultation Senator Hanson also had a confrontational moment with a member of the public who believed she was not looking after the “small guy” in Australia.

Senator Hanson however was quick to reply as the man walked away.

“I've been here for six months and I reckon I’ve achieved a lot more on the floor of Parliament in the last six months than the others have done in how many years?” she said.


Now this is the Pauline that went after a certain Robert Tickner all those years ago.  THIS IS THE REAL MCCOY. 

 ...and so is this. Pauline will use people like a dirty rag, while she walks over everyone that she can use to obtain her goal.

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One Nation couple claim Ron McLean was dumped from WA election ticket because he was 'too old'

By Emily Piesse

Updated about 2 hours ago


Photo: Lawyer John Hammond with clients Marye Louise Daniels and Ron McLean.

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Former One Nation powerbrokers Ron McLean and Marye Louise Daniels have accused the party's leader, Senator Pauline Hanson, of sacking Mr McLean as a candidate in the West Australian election because she felt he was "too old" to run for parliament.

Mr McLean, 87, had reprised his role as One Nation's WA branch president in December, but was sacked last month and removed from the party's ticket for the Legislative Council.

His 79-year-old wife was also removed as secretary.

Mr McLean has now filed proceedings with the Equal Opportunity Commission, claiming Senator Hanson told him he was too old to be a candidate, as he would "be 91 when the term is finished".

The couple's Perth-based lawyer, John Hammond, told a press conference One Nation had breached its constitution in dealings with Mr McLean and Ms Daniels.

"To say that Ron is too old to be number three on the One Nation ticket is abhorrent," Mr Hammond said.

"Regardless of your age, if you're over 18 you should be allowed to run for the parliament."

However, Senator Hanson has rejected the claim, saying Mr McLean and Ms Daniels were disgruntled because Colin Tincknell was appointed WA party director.

"They are of the opinion that it's discrimination against them, but not at all," Senator Hanson told the ABC.

"As far as looking at candidates, well, I worry about Ron's health. He is 87 years of age."

Ex-candidate asks Hanson: Please explain

Today, Mr Hammond wrote to Senator Hanson and One Nation requesting an explanation for the couple's sacking.

"[Mr McLean and Ms Daniels] had been told that their conduct wasn't up to scratch and that's why they've been booted," Mr Hammond said.

"We haven't been told what that conduct is. They haven't been called upon to give any answers as to any concerns One Nation have."

Ms Daniels said the couple was "devastated" by One Nation's actions.

"It's totally wrong, what Pauline Hanson and the One Nation party have done. They never should have run this election from Queensland."

Mr McLean and Ms Daniels, who intend to continue as One Nation's WA president and secretary, said they planned to call a meeting of party members for March 25.

Mr Hammond said the pair had been loyal supporters of One Nation since the late 1990s, spending more than $100,000 on the party.