We Dice with the Truth

I am in possession of an email that I value and has in a sense endorsed the frustration I have endured for twenty years . It comes from a most impeccable source. It begs the question: "Why is it that journalists are tethered to their editorial masters? "




Hi Bruce,

 I fear the full story has disappeared down what some seasoned journalists call ‘the Memory Hole’. This is the place where uncomfortable stories go that might threaten the established order - and your story of the true origins of the One Nation Party is one that would unsettle a lot of ‘important people’.

 You have really exposed the dirty tricks that operate behind politics. Lazy journalists sadly are too satisfied just repeating the boring old line, rather than digging into the true tale.

 I certainly tell anyone interested about the real origins of the ON party and how people like you, and some others were used up in a far ‘grander strategy’.

 I for one admire the job you’ve done and the efforts you continue to make to chase up faltering journalists.

 More strength to you Bruce!



Is there an unwritten law that deems that 'thou shalt not tilt at the flawed character', because he or she has risen to a station that rules them untouchable?  Does it mean that those who have been involved with circumstances  that  their station is buried away from the public gaze that they should be treated as inconsequential?  The 'Memory Hole', mentioned above suggests that this could well be the case.

As we roll into 2017, we are looking down the barrel of a political shift in the way that people vote.  Twenty years ago an outspoken Pauline Hanson touched on issues that politicians of all persuasions refused to touch. In those days I admired her stance, her outspokenness and courage. Instead of talking about it, I built a Support Movement. It was that Movement that was used to launch One Nation and the subsequent seizing illegally of its membership saw her and her National Director gaoled.

Much was written about the perceived mechanics by the media and when that settled it became accepted as fact. 

Twenty years on the re-emergence of Pauline Hanson is introduced to a new generation  and along with it the thinking of the impressionable masses. You love her or hate her  ...but you do do not take into account the woman beneath the public persona.

High profile and the magnet for the news hungry media, they report every word she utters  ...and after all she has written into the Australian lexicon ...Please Explain .


So Please Explain has become a phrase that simply says ...."I want to know?"


So now I want to put Pauline Hanson under the microscope that journalist do not want to know about ...and Hanson herself even less so.

Hanson who had been forced to resign by the Pauline Hanson One Nation executive, from her own party then registered a new party Pauline's United Australia Party on 20th September 2007, standing for the Australian Senate in Queensland picking up 4.2% of the State-wide vote.  The Electoral Commission I understand paid out in the vicinity of $210,000.

So what happened to the PUAP?  You may well ask.  After the payout Hanson demanded the money from the Secretary and Treasurer, who refused until the party met to discuss its future.  A second attempt was made that met with the same result.  Then with no knowledge the money was removed from the PUAP account.  The Party without reference to the membership was de-registered by Hanson on the pretext that she was going to England.

As a member of that party I asked a detailed question of Hanson to Please Explain what had happened to the money. Her reply was brutal. 'It is none of your business, now go get a life.'   She removed the letter from her Facebook page and barred me from ever writing on it again.



With Hanson in full cry beefing up the propaganda to thousands in West Australia and Queensland about to swarm into the ranks of her One Nation, we should pause and question the integrity of a woman who like a suckerfish has fed off the Electoral Commission.  As she said in the clip above "It was to be her last tilt at parliament and in a fit of theatrics she asked "Why do I do it'?


That Pauline Hanson is a question we all ask. Please Explain


  In the video Hanson states that the major parties received x million dollars and then asked Laura Sparks to go and ask them what they did with their money.  What she did not say was that the  parties were not then wound up.  The question remains 'Where did the money go?'   It is time for a Commission of Inquiry into the money trail.  Is that asking too much or is it just ignored and the status quo remain?


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