The Coming Death of Pauline Hanson's One Nation


David Ettridge is but a faint memory to the new Hanson devotees who see her as the "Angel of Deliverance".


Twenty years ago he said of the author quote:

"We wanted him to be one of us . We wanted him as the elder statesman, the person with the vision.'"

This was based on the fact that the PHSM, conceived and built almost entirely by the author presented another avenue to exploit after Hanson. It was to see both Hanson and Ettridge in gaol.  But it is this comment of Pauline Hanson in late February 1997 that will see Karma play its hand. 

"Bruce if anybody is going to destroy One Nation  ...I will".

The book 'Destiny Aborted' can be downloaded as a pdf file. Click here

There is an old cliché that says 'be nice to those on the way up because you will have to pass them on the way down'.



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