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Dec 28th 2016 West Australian


Hanson talks up Bernardi alliance

Shane Wright Economics Editor

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 2:45AM

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has canvassed a possible political union with conservative Liberal senator Cory Bernardi in a move that could splinter the Federal Government.

Senator Hanson, who has lost WA senator Rod Culleton from her Senate team, said a combination of her and Senator Bernardi would be a “force to be reckoned with”.

Senator Bernardi, a South Australian Liberal, has been a critic of elements of the Government’s agenda, while pressing on issues such as free speech and dropping section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

The 47-year-old founded the Conservative Leadership Foundation, which has established the Australian Conservatives organisation which claims to have 60,000 people signed up to its mailing list. The group is promising a “massive 2017” with some major campaigns.

Earlier this year, Senator Bernardi said One Nation had made political inroads because people like Senator Hanson were prepared to discuss issues that “people are talking about in the pub”.

Senator Hanson said she admired Senator Bernardi, who was finding it increasingly difficult to support the Liberal and National parties.

Pressed on whether the two could work together, Senator Hanson said she was open to the idea.

“I’d like to sit down and have a talk with Cory to see if we can work together,” she told Sydney radio station 2GB.

“If Cory Bernardi was the person to do it ... I would love to work with him or join forces with Cory. We’ve got to head in the right direction to be a force to be reckoned with.”

One Nation is expected to play a key role in the WA and Queensland elections over coming months.

Senator Hanson said people were attracted to One Nation because of growing unease about changes across the country led by the rise of Islamic terrorism. She said people were worried about the rising cost of living, unemployment and the failure of big parties to retain industry and manufacturing sectors.

Senator Hanson also revealed that she had written to US president-elect Donald Trump, urging him not to seek any legal action against Wikileaks founder and Australian citizen Julian Assange, who remains in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.


It is evident that Hanson 'the Sparrow', is doing all the talking, sowing the seeds to ferment the idea of a union, that would foster her interests and not that of the Nation.  Whilst the idea is appealing to those out on the perimeter,  who see two forward thinking politicians expressing views that many hold, the fact is that Bernardi had substance and thinks deeply about issues, where as Hanson is no more than a mouthpiece for those she gleans information from. Bernardi, is quite and does not hog the media and plays his cards as a prudent politician. Whilst Bernardi could be trusted to Captain a team with ability, Hanson has never done that in twenty years.  Although she will say differently she has never gelled with people either inside the party or more so outside.  Any suggestion of a Union between Bernardi and Hanson is not to be contemplated.  I have no doubt that Senator Roberts and Senator Burston could form a workable relationship with Bernardi, but with Hanson ...a time bomb in the making. Cory Bernardi cannot afford that.

December 29, 2016

This was sent to me early in 1997.  Almost 20years to the day. We who were there at the time question : Has Anything Really Changed ?

Australian Financial Review

Dec. 21, 2016

'We're not tolerating it': James Ashby backs One Nation candidate crackdown

by Primrose Riordan

Pauline Hanson's right hand man is emerging as a lightning rod for dissent within One Nation after he backed his tough policing of candidate's social media behaviour and dismissed suggestions he was too autocratic.

James Ashby, the increasingly powerful chief of staff to party leader Senator Hanson, has refused to apologise for his actions suggesting some central control was needed to pull the party into line after the Rod Culleton controversy.

At least two candidates have effectively been excised from the party for inappropriate social media posts – Geoff Virgo, a former candidate for Herbert in the federal election and Andy Semple, a now former Queensland state election candidate for Currumbin. Mr Semple has suggested this goes against the party's free speech platform – considering Senator Hanson's support for liberalising section 18C of the racial discrimination act.

A One Nation candidate who did not want to be named told AFR Weekend that Mr Ashby instructed candidates to go through their personal Facebook accounts and delete anyone who they did not know, in order to stop Labor or LNP operatives trawling through to find questionable posts.

 One Nation chief of staff James Ashby says he always warns candidates about their social media tone. Alex Ellinghausen

Now, Mr Ashby has spoken out about the crackdown, conceding he did "have a large say in holding people accountable for the information they were putting out on their social media" and will not apologise for bringing candidates into line. 

"Some people can't handle the fact they are monitored as a candidate," he told AFR Weekend. "I always warn them about their social media tone and the way in which they act in public and at the end of the day, I gave that speech on Sunday and warned all the candidates.

"We're not tolerating it, it's poor behaviour. I make no bones about that nor do I make any apology for it. I bring it to the attention of the executive and collectively the executive agree. They don't want bad representatives of Pauline's One Nation party.

"If you go through Geoff Virgo's Facebook page to this day, right now, I think you'd agree. The tone of his Facebook is disgusting."

Ashby 'capable, competent'

Senator Hanson denied accusations Mr Ashby – a controversial former staffer to Peter Slipper – is having too much of an influence over her and the party.

"It's these people who think they should be in that position of my right hand man and I hear it and it's because he is such a very capable, competent person that he can do the job," she told AFR Weekend.

"I don't believe in jobs for the boys and either you can do the job or you can't do the job, and all these people think they could have been the person to do it and they are absolutely hopeless."

She said former Treasurer Ian Nelson was "incompetent" and his attacks come despite her attempts to smooth tensions.

"I had a falling out with Ian Nelson and I put out the olive branch and got the party to pay for his flight to Canberra and his accommodation to be there for my maiden speech and he still turns around and sinks the bloody boot in. I'm sick of it," she said.

Senator Hanson has fallen out with a number of now former One Nation staffers, including Mr Nelson, who has accused Mr Ashby of inappropriately using his position to direct business to his printing companies, and embattled Western Australian Senator Rod Culleton, who she personally recruited to the party.

Mr Nelson, who quit in August, has also accused Mr Ashby of attempting to exercise complete control over the candidate selection process for the upcoming Queensland state election. Senator Hanson announced the first round of 36 candidates last Sunday.



Oh here we go again  ...a rerun of 'thou shalt not criticise those men to whom I have a momentary relationship with'.  In 1997 it was with Oldfield: 'he is all I ever wanted in a man",   and now it is 'my adopted son", with James Ashby.

How can so many people who have come within touching distance of Pauline Hanson, all be wrong and she right. The bottom line is that Hanson contrary to her projected persona is fundamentally a sucker for men who tell her how wonderful she is. All who have done this trade on that vulnerability and have in the end feathered their own nests.

What is patently obvious is that Hanson is not her own master but is subservient to smart operators, like Ettridge and Oldfield, who have fallen by the wayside, albeit that Oldfield used her to secure an Upper House seat in the NSW parliament, that gave him a nice pension after eight years.

Much has been written on James Ashby, who has managed a colourful portfolio as a political 'negotiator' and a small plane pilot.  James admiration was not wasted on Pauline  ...she is now in a position to go into to bat for his credentials.

I'd like to take readers back a decade or two when I tried to knock some sense into Pauline, before  quote : 'they put the bloody boot into me".


It was this sort of advice that Hanson shunned and followed the advice of Ettridge, Oldfield and Ashby.  

You may not like what I am writing, but I speak for a whole army of Hanson supporters who have been rubbished by her for daring to bled, finance and help . Pauline is the most ungracious person I have ever met ...and I am not alone.


The Australian

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation divided on party


• Jamie Walker
• The Australian
• 12:00AM August 8, 201

Pauline Hanson’s brother-in-law has been named to run the finances of One Nation’s key division, as infighting engulfs the party before its crucial bloc of four senators can take their seats in the new parliament.

Emails obtained by The Australian show that Queensland director Ian Nelson has been stripped of some responsibilities even though he is one of Ms Hanson’s most loyal and longest-serving supporters.

The turmoil will invoke memories of One Nation’s implosion after it broke into the Senate in 1998 and won 11 seats at a state election in Queensland, then plunged into backbiting that tore the party apart and culminated in Ms Hanson being jailed for electoral fraud.

The appointment of Ms Hanson’s brother-in-law, Greg Smith, as the party’s Queensland treasurer puts him in line to manage a war chest swelled by $1.63 million in public funding from last month’s federal election.

Mr Nelson’s apparent sidelining is being billed in some quarters of the party as a power struggle between the old guard and Ms Hanson’s new right-hand man, James Ashby, the former political staffer who claimed unsuccessfully that he had been sexually harassed by his then boss, 2010-11 Speaker of parliament Peter Slipper.

The fuse was lit by a blow-up between north Queensland One Nation candidate Geoff Virgo and Mr Ashby, after Mr Virgo blasted as “stupid” comments made by Ms Hanson in an SBS documentary broadcast last month to an indigenous member of the TV production crew.

“It’s good to see you’re … you know, taking up this and working,” she told the man.

Despite Mr Virgo polling a strong third behind the major parties with 13.5 per cent of the primary vote in the Townsville-based seat of Herbert, Mr Ashby went for him on Facebook, saying the ex-policeman would not be part of One Nation’s future.

When Mr Virgo emailed Mr Nelson and campaign manager Saraya Beric at One Nation headquarters in Brisbane on July 22 about being reimbursed $3296.53 for his out-of-pocket election expenses, he was told Mr Smith was now the Queensland treasurer.

Querying this, Mr Virgo wrote: “Oh, I thought Ian was.”

Ms Beric replied: “Not anymore, that was changed yesterday at state level. He is still the national treasurer. Greg is the office manager too (sic) so he will be processing everything.”

Ms Hanson insisted last night Mr Nelson was “not the treasurer” but refused to discuss her relationship with him or the appointment of Mr Smith. “This is an internal party matter,” she said before hanging up. Mr Ashby also declined to comment.

Mr Nelson, 66, has told associates in One Nation that his long friendship with Ms Hanson had broken down. “Ian said Pauline was yelling at him … carrying on like she hated him or something,” said a friend who speaks to Mr Nelson regularly.

Mr Nelson said he was in a meeting when contacted yesterday by The Australian. A stalwart of the party, he was director of the Queensland division when Ms Hanson spent 11 weeks behind bars in 2003 until her conviction was quashed on appeal, along with that of then national director David Ettridge.

Mr Nelson returned as state director of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation when the party was revived in 2013 and Ms Hanson came back as leader. He is listed as the party agent — to whom election funding is paid — in One Nation’s 2014-15 political party disclosure filed with the Australian Electoral Commission.

Queensland One Nation senator-elect Malcolm Roberts added to the confusion by saying yesterday while he and Ms Hanson would vote in alignment, colleagues Brian Burston in NSW and Rod Culleton in Western Australia could split if that was in the interest of their home states.

“We will be able to oppose and vote accordingly,” he told ABC’s Insiders program. One Nation will be the fourth biggest voting bloc in the upper house.

Mr Virgo, 55, said Ms Hanson told him tersely last Thursday, when he got through on the phone, that he should not be talking to Mr Nelson or John Pasquarelli, another figure from the early days of the party with whom she had fallen out.

Ms Hanson did reach out to Mr Pasquarelli for help during the election campaign.

“I have said I don’t have a problem with most of the policies … and I don’t have a problem with Pauline,” Mr Virgo said.

“But they’re like someone running a corner shop that becomes a supermarket.

“They’re still running the party like a country store.”

Mr Pasquarelli said he was not going “to roll up in a ball” over the spat: “It’s sad in a way. She has been talking all the time about freedom of speech, and then telling people they should not be talking to me.”


What did Hanson say about jobs for the boys? 

"I don't believe in jobs for the boys and either you can do the job or you can't do the job, and all these people think they could have been the person to do it and they are absolutely hopeless."  

Pauline! Nepotism ?   Did I hear an 'innocent ' Please Explain?


Is it not about time that the executive of One Nation was made public and open to scrutiny?  What is happening again has all the hallmarks of the questionable format of what has gone before.  You cannot go on accusing those who have served you faithfully and then when you have obtained your goal,  rubbish them when you have used them up.

It is time that you realised that you have a lot to answer for.  The new boy on the block has only been told what you want him to know. So he ...can butt out!

Happy New Year to all. Welcome in 2017

Lest the truth  be buried  and the myth of One Nation be perpetuated in ignorance read this.


Let the Truth Be Known


Well it is official One Nation does not uphold the Freedom of Speech. It is running scared of the truth and I proved it tonight, conclusively.

I placed a video with comment on Senator Brian Burston’s One Nation Website. The video called The moment of Truth is a catchy song with graphics lauding One Nation.

Immediately beneath it I posted this. Burston blew a fuse. The truth hit a nerve.

“Incredibly, the launch of the party (One Nation) was funded by the money held in

 a bank account of Bruce Whiteside’s Pauline Hanson Support Movement, on the

 Gold Coast. John Clodd a member of the committee at the time was instrumental

 in the organisation of the launch and says that $5000 was withdrawn from the

 PHSM on the Gold Coast to fund it.

A political party had been formed ...and the man who was pivotal to its formation

 had been evicted and was soon to be branded ‘white ant’. “`

Inside One Nation, Scott Balson

So there you have it Senator Pauline Hanson and Senator Brian Burston want the truth suppressed. The Freedom of Speech is only the prerogative of those in power.

24th August 2016


January 2017

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