Exposing the Myth of Pauline Hanson


Let us explode the myth of Pauline Hanson    by Bruce R Whiteside, founder of the PHSM.-

I well remember a late afternoon conversation  in my lounge on the Gold Coast  between Barbara Hazelton, Pauline Hanson and myself that became quite animated. I was trying to warn Hanson of the danger that both David Ettridge and David Oldfield presented to her dreams of where she was going. With that characteristic fixed eyes, jaw set she look at me and said “Bruce if anyone is going to destroy One Nation, I will”. That was in late February 1997.  Three years later she wrote ‘ I felt it was long overdue for me to stop trusting the ‘Two Davids’, as they became known and high time I started investigating  what was going on with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Ltd’.  It was shortly after that that she threw both David Oldfield and Brian Burston out of her party. (Yes, the current Senator Burston.

There is a perception that is gathering momentum that Pauline represents the true expectation of the average Australia. She projects with fervour patriotism, she is highly vocal on issues that bubble beneath the surface of the people such as immigration, foreign land ownership, Aborigine, Asians and now because it is an emotive  subject Islam.  Hanson has always been a standout because of her voluble attacks, that stir the passions. She has been a darling of the media that has gone from pulling her down in the mid nineties to today where they are giving her airplay and thus guaranteeing that she is essential news in the evening time slots.

In recent times she has turned her attention to one of her Senators and thrown him under the proverbial bus.  Hanson chose  Rod Culleton and just as Ettridge and Oldfield did years ago, when the blame game came to the fore, they ratted, walked away and wiped their hands.  Rod has made one fundamental mistake.  He has had the temerity to stand up to Hanson and tell her she is not the God of One Nation.  What did she spew to the ABC cameras?  ‘Rooooood, I am the leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation’.  You call on me.  Not satisfied with that she added further insult. “I have been in politics for twenty years and here I have a new boy on the block telling me, what to do.”.

Well Pauline Hanson you have learnt nothing in those years. “He does not listen to me”.  Really ...and when did you ever listen to anyone and take their advice?  You have created this myth upon travel around the country, listening to the people, in all walks of life and taking aboard their concerns.  Do you?  ...television on tap when you are working with convoys carry hay.  Cameras, and always it is about what Pauline Hanson is doing.

Pauline Hanson you are the sparrow that rides on the back of the eagle.

Let me tell the readers about those 20 years .


Were you not thrown out of One Nation yourself?  Did you not then momentarily form a new party Pauline’s (obviously) United Australia Party, to which I was a financial member, along with others.  Did not the ECQ pay into the PUAP account $210,000 for votes received? Did you not attempt to have that money handed over and the Secretary and treasurer, refuse to comply, as the money belonged to the party.  Was not $200,000 removed and then you folded the party because as you told the media, you were going to England..I asked questions, to which you answered “that is my business, now go and get a life’.

Then you went dancing with the stars ...far removed from the grind of keeping One Nation from dying, ably assisted from the two who saw the decline of South Australia One Nation, New South Wales and Victoria. Finally the only surviving and healthy branch was the one that had the sense to become Incorporated, in Western Australia 

After the aura of celebrity status started to wear thin and the opportunity to rebuild and contest further elections,  the stalwart group who had kept the light flickering made approaches to you to reinvigorate One Nation from Western Australia.  At the time I was involved in a small way and was privy to what was taking place.  Brian McRea, one of the finest people that One Nation had in its ‘family’ arranged with you to meet to which you agreed.   But ...always one to accept the schemers advice, you opted to listen to Ian Nelson and  Rod Evans, who along with another talked Hanson out of it. Pauline over the years has walked away from many fine men who had her interests at heart.  To a man she has tramped over all of them.  She openly admits in her book that she was no judge of men and that has been her downfall. Those who crawled to Hanson, reinforced the Godlike image that she has of herself have come, wreaked havoc and moved on.  When you ally this to the fact that she cannot be told and that her opinion is unassailable you have the ingredients for a very unhappy ship.

Rod Culleton is one man who has called her bluff, but fool that she is she has used her position and publicly abused it.

In recent days the West Australian newspaper has run a couple of main features that have drawn the only One Nation branch that Western Australia has known until  Hanson won a senate position.  In a spiteful attack she has labelled the people who have nurtured that flame ‘ratbags’ and the branch ‘a rogue’. Quote:

“It’s really a thorn in my side,” she said. “They have not had any association with us or the party for years. They’re a couple of ratbags, they are a breakaway, rogue group.” Unquote.

I have just mentioned the discussion between McRea and Hanson, the issue to which she welshed on.  There is a belief among so many who do not know Pauline Hanson that her word is her bond, and because she is who she is she must be believed . Pauline from day one has impressed all that ‘loyalty’ was paramount.  Well I can assure readers that she  preached with the fervour of a religious zealot, but never has she put it in to practice. I could name  a book full of names that she has rubbished in the furtherance of Pauline Hanson.


I am angry that Pauline Hanson has dug deep to rubbish the people who she describes as ratbags, the One Nation Western Australia  executive

The flux of the political environment of the moment world wide is a rejection of the major parties and the fodder that is being feed to the masses that has turned to increasing distrust  and disillusionment.  Here in Australia that situation has been simmering for years and when Hanson tapped into that as indeed I did myself with the Foreign ownership issue in 1988, she was years ahead of her time.  Remember ‘Turn the boats back’ and every politician since has claimed that credit.  Hanson alone had the crystal chalice of the people in her hand but she was screwed by man who used and abused her politically.  That chalice lies shattered at her feet. Today with the help from one of the Beenleigh stalwarts  and a pilot of some ‘fame’ Hanson has reregistered One Nation, of course bearing her magnetic name that has given hope, from the disillusionment of both Labor and the Liberal-National . It is opportunistic, but it also a very important part of Australia future.

One Nation is seen not without cause to be seen as a viable alternative.  In writing this I have no wish nor does the Secretary of ONWA to see Hanson toppled or One Nation.  The truth is that  One Nation and its birth and rise, fall and rise again must now go to a Commission of Inquiry  to be put under the public microscope.   There is far too much that has gone on that the public have never been told and if One Nation is to morph into a formidable party then we must have sufficient faith in its ability to govern for the people.  You do not as leader give the party kitty to your brother-in-law to start with.

David Ettridge wrote this about the writer 20 years ago.

“I wanted him to be one of us. We wanted him as the elder statesman , the person with the vision’”.

Yes and because I would not throw my lot in with conmen I walked away. The rest is history. 

Now at 82, I am calling for an Inquiry ...


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