The Gathering Storm

 A few years ago a video went to air that was somewhat sensational. It featured a serious faced Pauline Hanson telling Australians that if you were seeing it on your screens that she has been assassinated.  The very short passage of time revealed that nothing of the sort had taken place.  In her book 'Untamed and Unashamed  Hanson wishes to put distance between it airing and who was responsible.  She was not, of course.  Nineteen years later after One Nation had been given the kiss of life and she had romped in with three Senators, she showed how loyalty worked and threw Senator Rod Culleton under a bus; instead of shutting her mouth and playing a straight bat in the name of unity.  One again, who was responsible for selecting him ,  ..oh no not her. The responsibility rested with others.

The One Nation mantra fashioned by David Ettridge before he like others slipped out when the going got tough, was always that those who spoke out were disgruntled ex members, period.  It was a one statement fitted all but the author has the distinction of being the first to be given the honour of being White Ant Number 1.  In the years that have gone by a whole army of people have joined the ranks. 

 There are four defining aspects to Pauline Hanson:  media, manipulation money and memory.

Her capacity to speak out often with no more than scant research guarantees her an audience, because this is what sells papers, hits the headlines and trickles down through the television networks. The more outrageous the greater the penetration,  She is no fool when it comes to maximising opportunities.  But then she had a good model to learn from and he exploited her to the point of  malicious revenge.  In her book mentioned above, which is well written and put a lie to those who have claimed over the years to have written her speeches , she paints a picture of David Oldfield, that may suggest that she sought her own retribution but I think she limited comment because one little indiscretion on her part and he would have  pounced he did over one word.    Pauline I would imagine was never made aware of a call he made to me early in 1997. It was the time that Ettridge, Hanson and he, were trying to form a party.  It was an odd call in as much as he asked for Bruce Whiteside and when that was confirmed he said this with no pause and immediately he had complete it, hung up. That was in the days of phones that did not reveal the caller's number. "You are never going to be allowed to stay in the Support Movement. You stand in the way of our agenda. We are going to destroy you!.  It was cold, clinical and Gestapo like.  When I look back and remember the appeals that I still have to Pauline Hanson asking her to drop him ..only to be treated as a traitor to her, I wince. She was temporarily in love ...that I could not get past.

Money, the pursuit of, has been blunted by her strident calls for patriotism for clamps on immigration and  issues that most secretly hold but are too timid to speak out on.  Who among Australians over the years have tilted at so many electoral opportunities to enter parliament at any level at any state?  Who among us have seen so much taxpayers money filter down through the auspices of the Electoral Commissions?

Hanson will argue otherwise, but the irrefutable fact is that when it come to the question of money ...and more particularly where it goes, you dare not raise the question to Hanson herself. 

In the writing of her book there is one gleaming feature. Seldom does she ever admit to being in the wrong; be it personal, public or politics. There is always a qualification that she was right and eventually came out on top. 

There is no doubt that David Oldfield used her like a dirty rag and that would upset anybody.  He rode on her skirt realising his own inadequacies and unattractiveness, but politically cunning enough to exploit every avenue. 

There is an untold story Manlygate that for political protection of its operative has has never been told and that is that David Oldfield sought the position of leader of a Senate team that the Liberal Party had conceived to defeat the Australian Democrats.  A fund was secretly created to build a Senate team with Hanson as its leader, because of her pulling power on the electorate.  The man who was given the job to bring it it all together was also the man who employed David Oldfield on his staff. The man who sent Oldfield to rendezvous with Hanson at the Le Grange. 

This then was the defining moment that led to one man's obsession with his own perceived sense of greatness that led to the acrimonious fallout with his own party, the stabbing in the back of his boss that trickled down to the saga of the perceived axing of Pauline Hanson by Tony Abbott, that a lazy and compliant media never bothered to follow up.  Hanson who has been enamoured by men who she should have shunned, was stricken by her own incapacity to recognise men and women who would have and many did to walk on hot coals for her. She rejected them purely on the basis that she would not be over-shadowed by those who she felt were superior to her. It was a given of her own mindset that she was the giant among minnows.

The recent ABC segment where she sent a message to Rod Culleton, that "Roooood, I am the leader of Pauline Hanson's One Nation', underscored  the fact that whilst she rants and raves about 'team work', she has never been an adherent to her own flawed philosophy.

Just as Captain Smith was warned of trouble ahead with icebergs the Titanic, the Unsinkable ship, met its demise. Arrogance as with Captain Hanson at the helm will see the 'SS One Nation, founder.


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