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Advice for Pauline Hanson from the ghosts of One

 Nation's past

By political reporters Ashlynne McGhee and Henry Belot

Posted about 4 hours ago

Photo: Pauline's past party members speak on issues of the past, present and future. (ABC News: Archives)

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Map: Australia

Less than four months after four One Nation Senators were sworn in, Western Australia's Rod Culleton has quit the party in disgust.

It has caused early comparisons to the premature demise of the party in Queensland following their successful run at the 1998 election.

Some of those former MPs say party leader Pauline Hanson needs to learn from the mistakes of the past, to prevent a repeat in the present.

Dorothy Pratt

Photo: Dorothy Pratt is now retired. (Supplied)

Years in Parliament:

bullet 1998 1999 QLD One Nation MP
bullet 1999 2012 QLD Independent MP

"Communicate. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Most of the people who join One Nation have very independent spirits. When it's dogmatic, independent spirit is bucked."

Jeff Knuth

Photo: Jeff Knuth now owns and operates a small business. (Supplied)

Years in Parliament:

bullet 1998 1999 QLD One Nation MP
bullet 1999 2000 QLD New Country Party MP
bullet 2000 2001 QLD City Country Alliance MP

"Pauline Hanson needs to start trusting people a little more. There are a lot of people out there who can help her and advise her. But there are also a lot of opportunists. She needs to keep her guard up and use her wisdom."

David Dalgleish

Photo: David Dalgleish is now works as a real estate agent. (Supplied)

Years in Parliament:

bullet 1998 1999 QLD One Nation MP
bullet 1999 2001 QLD City Country Alliance MP

"We all have time for Pauline, it's Pauline that needs to find time for us. We were a by-product. She gets a bee in her bonnet, I think she just needs to stop and have a good deep and meaningful conversation."

Ken Turner

Photo: Ken Turner now acts as a skipper. (Supplied)

Years in Parliament:

bullet 1998 1999 QLD One Nation MP
bullet 1999 2001 QLD Independent MP

"Pauline Hanson's communication was no good. She never came to my office once. She never came to Townsville. A leader should do those things. It would make an absolute difference.

"Talk about local things, local issues. Put them on a list then prioritise them, she will get elected again if she does that."



It has taken Rod Culleton  to expose the fundamental problem with One Nation.


Anyone who stands their ground with Pauline Hanson will be guillotined. Only those who are shrewd enough to pander to her for their own personal agendas will survive.  The One Nation floor is littered with those who dared to challenge.

 Courtesy: ABC


One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has launched an extraordinary spray at senator Rod Culleton for voting against her party on the backpacker tax, further revealing tension within the party.

Senator Hanson told Sydney's 2GB Radio the West Australian senator was not a "team player" and indicated she could no longer work with him.

She said Senator Culleton and Victorian senator Derryn Hinch were "all over the bloody place" after the pair came up with their own amendments to the backpacker tax last week.

"They wouldn't have a clue what the hell they are doing, honestly," she said.

Tensions within the party have been simmering since Senator Hanson publicly demanded an explanation from Senator Culleton last month after he failed to attend a meeting in her office.

Today Senator Hanson revealed the relationship with Senator Culleton was close to breaking and launched an attack on his character.

"He is not a team player at all," she said.

"We can't work with him; you can't reason with him and honestly I think the whole lot has gone to his head.

"He loves the limelight; he loves the publicity. He's not really listening to the advice."

Senator Hanson said Senator Culleton was intent on "running his own race".

"I've been in this for 20 years and to have a new kid on the block telling me what to do is absolutely ridiculous," she said.



"She is not a team player at all, We can't work with her; you can't reason with her  and honestly I think the whole lot has gone to her head. She loves the limelight; she loves the publicity. She's not really listening to the advice.

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