Pauline Hanson Commits the Ultimate Betrayal

These two men between them have been loyal to Hanson for 40 years. She calls them 'ratbags and 'rogues'.  Whilst she was away Dancing with the Stars, they fought to keep the name alive.



Pauline Hanson reports WA One Nation branch to police

Pauline Hanson has reported a “rogue” WA branch of the One Nation party to Federal police, claiming it is trading on her popularity without endorsement.

Speaking to The West Australian yesterday, Senator Hanson said she had been battling Federal and State authorities for years to close One Nation WA (ONWA) but could not because it was incorporated.

“It’s really a thorn in my side,” she said. “They have not had any association with us or the party for years. They’re a couple of ratbags, they are a breakaway, rogue group.”

She questioned whether the branch’s activities were legal, given that it was taking membership fees purportedly for One Nation.

But the State secretary of One Nation WA, Brian McRea, counter-claimed, saying the Brisbane-based Pauline Hanson’s One Nation (PHON) party was “illegally” given access to the WA membership database by a disgruntled former member of the ONWA executive.

Mr McRea, who has been involved with the party for almost 20 years, said the Queensland branch had been trying to un-incorporate the WA arm since 2002.

Just before Senator Hanson returned to the party, he said, Queensland party officials sent membership renewals to WA members telling them Brisbane now administered the WA arm, including memberships.

He said many of those members were displeased because they signed up and later realised their money was going to Queensland. ONWA’s membership had since fallen from 250 to about 80 and Mr McRea had sought to meet Senator Hanson to resolve the issue.



Given that  One Nation Western Australia (ONWA) Inc, has been in existence for at least 14 years and was established when Hanson was being lined up on fraud charges, her comment here that she had been 'battling ' and has found them 'a thorn in my side', is pure fodder for the press. Nothing could be further from the truth. My association with the former President Lyn Vickery and Secretary Brian McRea (often written as McRae) goes back to 2009. I am well aware of the determined push by two men who were domiciled at Beenleigh, when Hanson was no longer involved with Pauline Hanson's One Nation, but sulking from her forced resignation, launched the PUAP and was a TV Celebrity, they saw the demise of Victoria, South Australia and NSW.  Only ONWA remained and I worked with them.  Their integrity is beyond reproach.

Two years ago the ONWA people approached Pauline Hanson, through Brian McRea, to think about a comeback using their offices as a launching pad.  I am aware that Pauline 'warmed' to the idea and made tentative arrangements to meet with them. 

The two from Beenleigh a Rod Evans and a Ian Nelson, who were the last two grapes on the dead vine got wind of this and persuaded Hanson to have nothing to do with them. 

Nelson re-registered One Nation in Queensland and right up until the recent elections that saw One Nation secure four Senate seats he worked his fingers to the bone, managing her campaign to which all credit by Hanson was given to her pilot.  As a trusted executive, he was passed over for others.

Immediately the loyalty shown to Hanson was trashed.  Yet another stalwart had been used as the eagle to lift the sparrow to the greater height.


The Sparrow

For those Hanson fans who wonder why this appears to be an attack on her, realise that if One Nation is to become a force in Australian politics, then its leader must be of impeccable character. What you are reading here is not written by commentators, but by those who have been the eagle that has carried what is essentially an empty vessel.  Too many fine people have been trashed by Pauline Hanson.  Pauline is not the God of One Nation  ...but she believes she is.

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