Witness the Shrill for Yourself


The following video comes to you by the courtesy of Channel Seven 's Today Tonight program. Entitled Pauline's Meltdown, it is important to me because when as a financial member of that period when Hanson was thrown off the Party that bore her name, by the Pauline Hanson One Nation executive, ...she attracted a group of people who still displayed loyalty and ran the Pauline's United Australia Party .




Well Pauline as it happens it was my business.  I was a paid up financial member of Pauline's United Australia Party (PUAP )and once you had received the payment from the Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ,) you made attempts to have that money transferred by approaching the Secretary and Treasurer, who refused to sign the money over because it belonged to the members.. You tried again with a friend in toe, and once again they defended the right in accordance with proper procedure.  Then a few days later the money was transferred without the knowledge of the party's treasurer and secretary . Further more you wound the Party up of your own accord without any reference to the party. The excuse was that you had to, because you were going to live in England. ...correct? 

There is another aspect of this that I will not go into, but that is a matter for a deep enquiry .

These sort of comments often are defused by internal party executives, but in this case Hanson answers for herself. The manner in which this PUAP was mishandled was characteristic of the One Nation regime before Hanson's forced resignation.

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