The Words of Warning to Senators Burston, Roberts and Culleton .

Dated  2 October 2016


To: Senator Brian Burston

      Senator Rod Culleton

      Senator Malcolm Roberts.

Gentlemen,  you all have Pauline Hanson to thank for your  positions to day. You are doubtless and pragmatic enough to appreciate that, but you must also take into account that Pauline Hanson believes that she has got to where she has by here own efforts solely. She has not and this letter is to warn her through the three of you that she has left in her wake many broken and disillusioned souls. It is time for her to eat a little humble pie and mend some relationships. I warn you all that if you disregard this letter and treat people like myself as has happened in the past then the result could come back to bite. Your first reaction may well be to see this as a implied threat, but I would remind you that had Pauline listened to the like of myself and Terry Sharples, instead of taking advice from her then two David’s, her course and the political landscape would have been far different today. Perhaps you should all acquaint yourselves with this facet. There is no point in claiming that we were One Nation ‘disgruntled supporters’ because that belies the facts. It is a cosmetic solution to a far deeper problem.

The ‘Hanson enigma’, is that Pauline made much out of loyalty to her, but never returned it to dozens of very good people who bled for her by voluntary service, by financial aid and loyalty that was gold plated.  Many like myself should want nothing more to do with her ...yet I am not alone. You see in my case my attitude is one of ambivalence. Having gone down a similar path to her eight years  previously I have admired the courage, the passion and the straight forward no nonsense speaking.  I have met the woman several times  and she has been in my home, but personally I do not have a great deal of time for her.  That said  ...I still see in her a potential that should have been expended twenty years ago. You will not appreciate how I lament over those ‘lost years’. Senator Roberts and Culleton I don’t expect you to understand, but Senator Burston has felt the lash of the Hanson impetuosity, when the lady threw both he and Oldfield out of the party on the same day. Page 148 Untamed and Unashamed.  I mention Sharples above  ...and unless you as Senators avail yourselves of this empirical account then you will not be in a position to take a view.  Please read this link:



The word is getting around that this new impetus within One Nation, will see them field candidates in all seats in the Queensland  election.  What is not lost on those of us who are more focussed, is the gearing up of the Queensland Labor Government to target and diffuse the One Nation push.  What we are about to see here is the Trump treatment, where Palaszczuk will emulate Clinton. One Nation Senators cannot assume that they are on a roll and that such comments that I am making here are to be ignored.  I have seen a poster recently on a political blog of some note  calling to for people to join the party and throw their weight to keep the momentum moving so that come election day they have the resources to get people out, to have the people to get out to deliver promotions, man the booths and the like.  There are many ALA supporters who indicate that they would, but One Nation has a history and they intend to support Kirralee Smith. 

Well Gentlemen it is to that that I will bluntly address.

Twenty years ago a lot of good people were treated abominably by Pauline Hanson and walked away never to return.  She will emphatically deny it. She will bring into play the Ettridge mantra that they were ‘disgruntled supporters, but never bothering to analyse why. 

I walked into the Gold Coast Hospital a fortnight ago and an orderly who was about to direct me said “I see Bruce your girl finally got up’.  He said ‘I was one of your people she treated you shockingly’.  I was surprised that after twenty years that anyone would remember.  “Oh yes”,  he said “some of us have long memories.”.   I have no idea as to who he was. 

I want the three of you to tell Pauline that she has to for the sake of us all to acknowledge and  place on record the work of the Pauline Hanson Support Movement.  I want her as hard as that will be to publicly  apologise to me in person, so that I can turn my efforts to helping her strengthen the hold that she has gained.  I did not create the Support Movement because I am a fool.  She was a fool to listen the likes of Ettridge and Oldfield  and to allow them to lead her down the wrong path.  She ignored Sharples and myself and that took her into a cold hard winter.

It is up to her to make that decision, to make that leap of faith and in doing so heal a lot of hurt and receive the support that could see One Nation become a force in Australian politics.  I was her age, when the PHSM was built, so she has the years in front of her.  Pauline has not responded to me in all of those years. I have remained true to her ...’the maverick battler’.  Yes I am critical of her and when you offend her from pragmatic advice as I did in 1998, you leave scars. This time I will not be ignored .

In all sincerity,

Bruce Whiteside


Exposing the Myth of Pauline Hanson